hello kitty cat
2002-01-09 16:56:50 (UTC)


So last night I had the strangest dream...and I was
thinking about it...and they say that dreams had before
around 9 o'clock usually have a lot of significance, and so
I think..what does this mean!?
All I really remember is going away on vacation and staying
in this one floor flat apartment type complex, I was
sharing my room with someone...I remember going back to the
room to get clothes because we were leaving....It was humid
and the sun was setting...through out the whole dream it
was sunset. It was dusty, I kinda feel like I just came
back from this place because I want to go wash my hands
because I can feel the remnants of the dust still on me. So
I grab some clothes and we drive in a jeep???
this mountain and we're sitting in this beautiful
landscape, I really don't know who was there...but I do
know Jason didn't come because in the dream he told me to
be careful and he'll see me when I get back to the
apartment thing. I was on top of a hill looking at what was
supposed to be Mt Everest but for some reason it was in a
tropical place..and I can't describe to you what I saw
because you cannot see what I saw ..or felt..maybe I didn't
see this world...I have always wished there were
more colors and in this dream there were more colors..and
it's like they had always been there I had just ignored
them. I felt things that I don't feel...I was so aware of
everything around me...the plants had halos....everything
had something about it..I can't describe it...maybe I'll
try and paint I won't..I'll get too
frustrated ..because it can't ever be like I saw
I felt it...It was so strange. I haven't ever experienced
anything like was so incredible.