What's up now?
2002-01-09 16:54:03 (UTC) to a new semester!!!

So, with a little Ja Rule in the changer, I sit
here...doing nothing...I have a REALLY long break between
my classes...I'm supossed to be going to a discussion for
my Western Civ. class...but come to find out, it only meets
6 times the entire semester :) Pretty good deal huh!!! So
I'm just chillin...I'll probably watch some makeover story
at 12, maybe nap a little, then I'll be off to learn about
baby talk :) Yep, good ol' CDO 130! hehe, the book for
the class hs really cute babies on it :)
far classes are going well, I've only had one so far today,
but it went well...except the pref. is pretty fat and ya
know how when someone who is fat is outta breath you can
totally hear them breathing and then have to pause and take
deep breaths, all wheezy..yeah well he does that...but it
should be a LOT better than last least we're
into the 19th century!!! Hey wanna hear something funny, 3
people in my dorm got their tongues pierced's soo funny to hear this one guy talk, it
sounds like he has a HUGE sock in his mouth, cracks me
up!! hehe...I didnt sound like that, so its pretty
humerous...last night Rachel and I went down to our good
friend who live in 108, and we were going to mee their new
roomie but he wasnt there, so we went into Ben's room, and
the boy Aaron who moved out took all of his stuff
(obviously) so they dont have a TV, but he left these sweet
ass chairs, so we decided to turn on the lava lamp and
watch it, but those things take a damn long time to heat
up, so we got bored and decided to take the chairs as
randsom, because we really wanted some candy...we havent
gotten the cnady yet, but we do have some chairs!! We took
a pic of cookie monster and rachels bunny sitting on them
and sent them a randsom was good day before class
fun :) well I'm off to relax for a bit, Erin and I got up
at 8 this morning and went and worked out, so maybe I'll go
read some hist while I watch some makeover story...