thouhgts of Sam
2002-01-09 15:42:55 (UTC)

Another day......

Well, here I am back at school. I am sitting here in
English and we are in the computer lab. Aum got a schedule
change and he is not in my class anymore. So I am in class
all by myself and I am kind of annoyed with the level of the
people that are in this class. But anyway, enough about
that I am bored my Resume is really short but I guess it
really doesnt matter as long as I follow the guide lines I
should pass. I am kind of tired and I have no clue what I
am going to do tonight. I hope I get to see joselin tonight
I really really would like that. But I dont know if I cant
see her tonight I will make sure I see her tomorrow night.
Cause at least I get to see her today at lunch. Even
though it's only for like some 30 minutes or so and I dont
have her full atttention it is nice to just be able to sit
with my joselin. Anyway I think I have to get off for now I
will try to add another one in math models whether or not
I do is another story but me's a-gonna try.

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