I am a goddess
2002-01-09 14:36:16 (UTC)

Still ill

I'm still ill but the illness has had bonuses. I lost 2
pounds last night due to all the tossing and turning and
lack of sleep last night.Also i was sweating and shaking so
i lost it that way. I couldn't believe it this morning when
i got on the scale, i had to double check because i ate so
much yesterday.
I have flu. And yes it does hurt. I have a amazingly sore
throat, horrid cough, really bad headaches that just won't
go away, aching body (thats the worst bit, it hurts so
much) i'm constantly freezing and a snotty nose.

Sorry if you didn't want to hear that but i'm feeling sorry
for myself.

I haven't eaten anything all day so far, actually i don't
think i could even if i wanted to, my throat hurts really
bad when i swallow. But thats not unsual, not to eat i
mean. After all its only 20 to 2 in the afternoon and i
never have breakfast and hardly ever have dinner.

Well i'm gonna go and die quietly in my room somewhere.

Wish me well :)