Skunk Boy

Skunkies Diary
2002-01-09 13:33:16 (UTC)

Oh yeah, lookit dis

I am writing this 'cause yama gave me the idea, I thought
it was a cool one.

I'm thinking about andrew right now, and how he over
involves me sometimes. His recent tale, has me in a bad sad
mood, but my sad moods are fun. When I get sad, I become
absolutely sarcastic, I dant care about anyone, or
anything. Thats probably stupid, but who cares.

Earlier, I was thinking about... geeze, the same
thing. 'Cept I was blaming it on the evil society and
humans. This isn't an incident to blame about though, I
just gotta accept... THAT THE WORLD NEEDS A MECHANIC!!!
(Oh! I gotta draw that!)

... Now I'm just gonna go use Yahoo messenger. I'm gonna
hide the bad mood though, I dont want to have to let
andrew's secret out. Pretending to be happy is pretty easy
actualy, just type like your happy.

Sometimes I wonder how other people's problems can hert me
so much. I mean, my own problems dont seem to bother me,
but when someone else goes through a tagedy, I cant help
but to feel bad with them. One depressed person can wreck
my entire day. Maybe I'm empathic and I need to make a
sheild @[email protected] I dunno.

I am now sitting here woth my sword, wondering if we will
get a break in. I sure would like one, then I'd get to lob
someone's limbs off. Yeah, thats just my mood talking, but
who cares. I really wanna swing this thing at someone and
see them bleed... sorta O.o. Anyways, my main thing is that
I want to berserk on something right about now.

Well, I just dont understand humans. Not even my brother.
But thats not why I'm typing :p or is it... .