De-Tet-aCh Memoir
2002-01-09 12:58:49 (UTC)


Wednesday 9/1/02

So IA has begun, I've received my 1st assignment... yikes!
not sure if i can handle it..but i'll try my best, i

went swimmin at karori yesterday, it was such a long walk
to the suburb! but it felt good afterwards, haven't
exercise for quite some the walk and swim combo
was healthy... as if it was not enuff, luke called up for a
run in the woods... turned out it was in karori again, so
we went there, man, it was a good track for joggers, all
dirt and mud : P...we also climbed up this incredibly steep
slope to the hill near the bird sanctuary, there was an
abandoned fortress there, used in WW2... we also caught a
couple makin out at the fortress...hahahahah!!! that guy's
face was so red!!

at night, visited ah-jiao aka surate..she was flying off
back to we had a farewell dinner... more of
a supper a jap restaurant...good food!! cheap
too.... then hung out at tedy's place ..that guy has heaps
of anime!! wanna borrow em from him soon...yeaaaahhhhh....

my body is so sore today, after those intense workouts....