Dreamscape 2: Waking
2002-01-09 08:08:12 (UTC)

Identity Debate

Hi, I'm FriendlyHair, hairy, and hopefully friendly. As my
Discordia profile explains "I am not dark or scary or
flambouyant. I like games and humor. If I hunt you down I
mean well, if you hunt me down, I hope you mean well."
(telnet However, this isn;t really
all of me. There is Quiet Kwit, my random, and shyest
side. There is HairyPoet, the self-procalimed artist. But
I assume that I will not be too random or artistic in this
public journal.

To begin, the macroview: a bunch of my associates have
online journals and I enjoy reading them very much, it is
best of me to return the favor. The microview: I am
feeling literate and motivated this night.

Tonight's highlights: Greg is visiting SU, and we were
going to square of in religious and philosophical
conversation, but I negated it by basically presenting
myself as incapable, I should have sucked it up and just
gotten my intellectual ass beat, I would have liked it.
Incidentally he's still over, but reading a book
quietly... I'd rather not interrupt.

Kari still needs to get that apartment thing settled, when
she stops being so stressed about it, possibly we can make
some progress on other forms of stress.

McDonald's dollar menu is better than ramen, if you have a

Sophie B. Hawkins makes me think of pillows and quilts,
very soft.

Jolene had to get offline early tonight, I hope we can hang
out when she gets back to school, I'd like some more
excessively in person conversations.

I also made up a schedule for myself, tentatively, for the
upcoming semester. It looks like I have a lot more free
time than I previously thought, let's hope i don;t get too

Good-Night diary,
May you dream what I haven't, for so many years...