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2002-01-09 07:37:00 (UTC)

January 9, 2002

My Friends, let me discuss that, I have avoided this topic
because you are all lucky not to be stuck with us. We have a
group about twenty give or take, Let start slowly, first I
will discuss the little people who are not centre of
attention all the time. Helder the nicest guy you will ever
meet. (nothing much to say) but he is overlooked I think. I
like him cute strong just perfect (single). My brother
Nelson drives me crazy but honest I love him for that.
Girlfriend of my brother Sofia sweet young pretty fun what
less can I say if she is smart she will stay away from bad
influences. Victor a great friend melon drama sometimes,
but hey everyone has there days. He loves to laugh and
discuss.....make it his point to discuss issues and learn
from them, can be annoying hey so can I. Ex girlfriend of
Victor Soraia sad girl with no out look on life, but has the
sweetess voice and will do anything to please others I
think there is more to way she is so pleasent lately but who
am I to judge. Steve wonderful friend and would do a lot
for you if you never double cross him. Danny one old and
dearest friend getting married now the cutest smile hard
working, emotion driven. Monica girlfriend of Danny
wonderful girl sweet, loves to shop has an attutude the can
scare of a beast but I love her, (hugs moni). Diane wife of
Steve mean well but please someone shut her face can't tell
that girl anything without the rest of the world knowing
about it!

More or less those are the nice people I might have not put
one person in there I want to fit him in with his wife.
Arthur and Chris I am joining because you know what they are
driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they
think they are better then everyone else you know they are
competitive and snobs and judgemental and boring and sad.
The ulimate reason I believe they are unhappy is because the
y are stuck in something they don't want period I end that
witha thought of why is it important to show your friends
up! Do it for yourselfs not the rest of us we don't give a

Rui sweet guy, problem my friends bow to his feet, I think
it is because he is a big boy or the voice he has but I will
never bend for him like a child. Now I saved the best for
last (No offence) One person who has possibly single handed
ruined everything we had is Syl I am sorry to who I offend
but I have seen jealous, hatard, selfish, and envy come from
her eyes and the way she looks at people (I could be wrong)
the explains I have is what she has said about everyone
behind their backs (we all talk but not all is bad) She's
bad Diane calls her everyday out of the goodness of her
heart (too to inform her) but besides that, Syl is a stay
home Mom and Diane knows that and of cousre no one else is
around and Diane calls her o keep her company for a while.
Monica about her wedding party, on how she should run the
show. Victor her brother, she tells him how much of a no
show uncle he is. How people she claims to be there best
friends and she totally ignores them. I have experienced one
betrayal and that is this past Saturday when she walked into
our local hang out without husband and kids she brought a
date MY EX BOYFRIEND, who has cried on her shoulder and she
has put shit in his head about me returning and that I still
have feelings for someone else and that I will come to my
senses and I can't believe someone who is my friend to hurt
and contuine to abuse someone else feelings for her own
enjoyment. I hurt she used me I cried she used me I can't
help her by feeding her anymore info, she calls me to verify
if her brother is at or school and if Diane is lying or
everything is a big ass lie! Sad but ture. These are my
thoughts I could be wrong but I think I am not.

Those are my friends

Maybe I will tell you more later!

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