A boring life of a corrupted girl
2001-04-12 18:45:28 (UTC)

The first chapter of my Thursday.The rest is yet to come....

I stayed up super late last night.I got up and went to
school for the whole morning.Whoopie!I had the intention of
leaving for the whole afternoon and comming back at 3 to
pick up Jordan and Josh to go to EL.I ended up leaving at
lunch and running into ReEfer Smokin'Buddy,Tree Fucker,and
Joe.They went out to the square for exactally an hour and
came back.I went home and changed my outfit and put in some
pigtales so I can be cute tonight.Came back 6th hour,almost
late,and watched a depressing movie.Now I am in my 7th hour
computer class,fucking with other people's computers.It is
about 2:30.Half an hour left till I get out.Hopefully I'll
have fun tonight.This is really funny.I'm sitting accross
the room making dialog boxes pop up on this guy's
computer.Its more fun than it sounds.Like I made a dialog
box pop up asking "Would you like a cup holder?" Then I
would watch the boy's face in confusion before he notifies
the teacher...All of the sudden the CD drive opens
up.Mwahahaha!I love network interfacing!The bad part of
this is one of these days I'm going to get caught.Its just
kinda strange why three specific computers start acting up
only when I'm in the computer lab.My teacher has got to be
pretty dull if he hasnt caught on.I dont think he would
really care though.He is really kewl,and its not like I'm
deleting any files.I'm simpily just messing with people's
heads.I'll prolly get caught just for posting this at
school because suppidly the school's IP loggs everything.Oh
well,I dont care.The next chapter of my Thursday has yet to
be written.I'll be sure to try and make it
interesting.OoooOOooo.Mabee I'll accedently get drunk and
make out with some really hot chick or something.Who knows.