the life of a angel
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2002-01-09 07:00:08 (UTC)

i guess its about time!!

i guess its about time i started a diary! i hav neva really
been able 2 stick 2 writtin in a journal! but i gotta say i
like the idea of this betta of writtin in a jornal betta! i
dunno i just dont really like the idea of when u hav a
journal and its started ''dear diary''!! it just gets 2 me!

i mean i know it probably sounds real fucked up but its
just me i guess?

well wat else my best m8 is away on holiday at the moment
and i notice it every time she goes away and she changes
but she doesnt change 4 the good! its 4 the worse and it
kinda gets 2 me and pisses me off a little bit becoz its
real annoyin! but then as soon as she gets bak she is bak 2
normal!! so i put up wif it 4 like the week or 2 weeks she
is away!

gotta go 2 the docters moro!
well write more l8z!