One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
2001-04-12 18:37:39 (UTC)

Waiting to get fucked up

HI. I'm just sitting here waiting for Mike(the good one) to
pick me up, we are gonna take a road trip haha! we are
gonna smoke all the weed we have which is about an 1/8 of
kindbud, and then maybe do some shrooms..but if that doesnt
get us fucked up enough, we got alcohol too! I just hope he
doesnt get us killed driving...My drunk Dad wants me to
come over this weekend...hmmm, lemme think...NO...everytime
I go over there, he just asks me why i'm so fucked up.
Whenever he gets alcohol in him he thinks he can fix the
world...I dunno, maybe he feels like shit cuz he fucked up
his first three kids, and now his 4th is even more fucked
up than all of them..i dunno, its not his fault i'm the way
i am...but he could lay off the couldnt hurt!!!
god what the fuck is the matter with people...My mom is on
my ass for not going to counceling...why should i? i sit
there and talk, and the lady sits there with her jaw wide
open like she just saw a ghost....god...isnt she supposed
to be sumone who sees this shit everyday?? Am i that bad?
well, maybe....but god....dont look at me like i'm a fuckin
moron...i sux then you die, right?
Imah go get fucked up now....ta ta