The Rainy Day
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2002-01-09 05:46:15 (UTC)

life is strange

ok i normally don't edit anything but i just realized i titled two
entries the same thing so i changed the title oops.....
Today i went to UNCG and removed all of my personal
belongings from my dorm room. my poor roommate won't have
a phone or a frige when he returns and i forgot to leave
him a note, i can really be an ass. but anyway... i got
back to w-s and went to the recruiters office and we talked
about what i was gonna do and then we drove in the govt.
car to pick a guy up and to take him and this girl to the
armory over on silas creek parkway to take the ASVAB. He
drove me back to the office where i got to get some paper
work to take home. well TMW i will go to Charlotte and
take the ASVAB and do well on it I hope and then on
Thursday i will have a Full PHYSICAL (turn your head and
cough) :( i hate physicals. ummm so yeah that's my
outlook so far. I have realized that i have started to
really like this person, but i'm not sure if she likes me
but ya know sometimes it's just best to go with the flow
and not push things..... well unless well nevermind im FULL
SPEED AHEAD in my bed.

P.S. I think that i have made a terrible mistake two
people know what i'm talking about, i hope i will pass a
test if i have to take one umm so eek. i hate it when i do
stupid stuff..............i only did it once