the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2002-01-09 05:29:59 (UTC)

can you tell me what im feeling?

sitting in the dark
scared to even breathe
wondering if the next step will be closer to me
turn around i think to myself
let me alone
i need some time to think things through
by myself
without you
i dont think you realize the impact you have made
time and time again again
the repetition comes to NO end
what am i supposed to do
crying doesnt help me through
have you ever wondered if there was something YOU could do
but then again why would you care
things are so stressful right
no one else matters
i wouldnt understand
but yet you dont seem to want to try and explain
i love that are age regressed and we are now 4 and 8
b/c now i have cooties again and its gonna be great
to sit and argue about the stupidest stuff
like when i tugged on your sleeve
or maybe we can spit on each other
so you can tell my mommy on me
i hate to be so blunt but this childish bullshit is wearing
me thin
patience is a virtue that i cant win
im tired of holding onto something thats sort of there
something that you long for
but dont know if you can have
some feeling that you cant explain
but yet you dont want to loose
make up your mind
the train is leaving now
its going faster and faster and may never come back
there it went
and there i went
out the door and into the wind
if you can find me
then ill be convinced

good night good bye
until then i say
to love all is all i love