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2002-01-09 05:26:55 (UTC)

Day before classes.....

So the dreaded day has finally come....well I guess I
shouldnt say dreaded...but classes are here...I'm lucky
though, in the sense that I only have to got for 2, yes 2,
days this week :) How exciting is that!!! So the past few
days have been pretty damn fun :) Sitting around doing not
too much of anything, working, working out, chillin with
friends....ya know the usual school stuff without the
school part :) It's been fun, but I am ready for class...
Erin and I have come to the decision that we are going to
try our hardest to get up at 7:45 every morning and go work
out before we hard off to class....I really hope it lasts,
because being back at school means getting back in
shape...well not really, but it sounds good right? She
better kick my ass back in shape real quick becuase it was
hard as hell today to do the work! OH!!! I think everyone
should go here: You can
see pictures of all of my friends, and maybe even some of
yourself!!! Its pretty fun :) Well I'm off to bed...Leave
me some love, hopefully the first days of classes dont kick
my ass too badly!!!