Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-01-09 04:45:26 (UTC)

Last Thoughts of the Day

Well I guess you can figure out who I just talked
to....yeah William was online, I would assume that he just
got back from that basketball game. Well, I know he is
still interested. I had another semi-good day. Art was
really fun. When I was there I was put into this type of
trance. The class focuses on using the right side of your
brain. I had to draw the outline of a face and then try to
copy the image as in a mirror. It ended up looking like a
vase. It was pretty cool. Then we did a bunch of contor
drawing and I have a homework assignment that I need to
remember. I have to draw a picture of three objects first
a contor then a free thing. I am so happy about that
class. It totally chills me out. It is like my outlet!
I really have missed art in the past couple of years. I
am so happy. Also I am still thinking that I might play
tennis. If so then when my mom gets back into town I will
start making her take me. I mean it wouldn't hurt her
either. I don't mean that in a bad way. I mean my mom is
really pretty. A lot of the guys in my grade said they
would do her.....kinda scary.....they like her boobs. But
whatever, I had a good day today too....I think I am
starting to lose some weight too which is
clothes are still tight though.....but I can only get