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2002-01-09 04:44:50 (UTC)

Fallen Wishes

When can I say I love you
And when Is it wrong
When Am I to be reminded
When there playing OUR song

When can I stop this pain
and All the hurt inside
When can I ease my heart
When am I free to hide

My life is now scared
With memories of you
And we can't take that back
So what do we do

My mind stays full of thoughts
Of wishes gone bad
And what terrifies me the most
Is that happiness...I once had

Deep within my soul
And somewere within my heart
I hear your sweet voice
saying we will never part

I always thought it was a lie
Something just said
But then I started thinking
And actuallt using my head

Were not apart
And never will be
The outside cover shows,
but the insides you and me

We are apart
Everyone knows this
But WHen you still love me
Its nothing but a bliss

Always tell me that phrase
So my wishes will come true
Cause as long as I can have your words
I have a part of you

I may never again feel your lips
But thats gonna be okay
because I dont need that to get by
Only my wish to be heard everyday

If take away that wish
My life will be through
for the star I wished it on
Was my star for you

If you close up your heart
If you close up your mind
All that will be of me
Is Fallen Wishes left behind

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