Intrigueing diary title
2001-04-12 17:25:59 (UTC)

Hey Hey kids more pears of knowledge dropping from the tree of wisdom that is Des' brain

Kick ass i got feedback now I'm one of the weirdos.(makes
cheesy clicking noise) Thanks dudes And don't worry I don't
really hate Big Daddy why he insulted my mother only the
other day(by the way big daddy I spoke to my mum and she
doesn't remember you or your 20 foot pink tickler)I haven't
really got time to type anything more but I will anyway.
I went to an amazing gig It was so cool I've still got the
bruises but these annoying fat girls kept jumping on the
stage and crowd surfing I tried to stop one from falling
and gave myself a hernia. yay my girlfriend did text me
today (stares out window while romantic music plays over
top) oops wait I'd better whinge or admit I like rumping
cows or something otherwise I'll be chucked off for being
too normal.
(looks about carefully catches drop of sweat from tip of
nose and slides up into ventilation shaft while humming the
mission impossible theme)
p.s Does any one know if there is such a thing as a
woodchuck if so please contact me.