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2002-01-09 04:43:24 (UTC)

today was my last day of..

today was my last day of freedom before school starts.
i had a good day. for the most part.

im just kind of sad right now...
and i dont really have any reason why.
just one of those things, times, i guess

i saw emily today, and that was good. i love her so much.
we met and went shopping and got her nice preppy sexy
clothing. =) hehe.
i really dont give a shit what shes wearing...she always
looks good to me. so, whatever. but, i really like what she
bought. and im glad that ive opened her eyes a bit to a
different kind of look. not that that in anyway is
important. but, a good open mind to anything is always a


so here i sit eating ramen and getting pissed for no
reason. i just am. today is a bitch day and there is really
no reason at all for it.

sometimes i think im too mad at the world.
for my own good.
and others i think, im too much of a whateverist

adriennes upset about something and i dont know what.
either does she.

adrienne. hm.
adrienne and i have a strange relationship.
we were together. over two years ago. and everything was
great. we were bestfriends. and we spent all of our time
together. then...her mom went through her shit and found
out that we were together. and she freaked. she almost
kicked adrienne out and forbid her to ever see me
again...so...me being the hopeless romantic that i am i
thought that we would just have to be careful about things.
hide it. you know. but...no. i was really wrong. she told
me that she hated me. and that her mom was right. that i
was the worst thing that could have happened to her. that
homosexual relationships were wrong. and that, she would
never again be with a girl blahblah etc. so...yeah. i was a
fucking mess. hardcore fucking mess. thats when i started
smoking cigarettes. and...really picked up on the other
stuff. so...i guess like a year after that we slowly
started talking again. slowly. i mean, i still loved her
you know. so, of course i still wanted to be her friend and
all of that...she would come and cry to me at school all
the time about her boyfriend matt. thousands of times. and
i was there for her. he hated me. hates me. but whatever, i
was there for her. as a friend. and, weve been really close
since then...her and i think pretty much exactly alike.
shes one of my bestfriends ever...i love her so much. but
its not like it was before. its just a friend thing
now...thats what it started out as those couple of years
ago and thats what it is now. and has been for awhile. shes
fucking great and beautiful. i would do anything for her.
and...shes there for me all the time as well.

doria roberts. aww. whatever.
fuck that. gr.
i do