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2002-01-09 04:43:09 (UTC)

Technology Techsmology

I had a fight with a printer named Inky tonight. This was
not our first conflict. I fight with this dreadful thing
most everytime I attempt to use it. See Inky, as I have
affectionally named the horrible machine, doesn't seem to
like the kind of paper I need to use. So what do we do?
Well I feed the damn thing paper all night while it
continues to spit it back at me. I'm telling you, Inky is
going to drive me insane.
Back to school! Two long weeks off and I am suddenly
thrown back into it. Do you know what the worst part about
being away from school for two weeks and not giving it a
second thought is? Trying to remember your locker
combination. Now for some people this may not be a
difficult task, and I certainly hadn't thought it would be
for me.... heh. Well I totally forgot it. We are talking,
total blank. What do you do when this happens? Luckily I
narrowed it down to three numbers. And that allowed me to
figure it out. Whew...

Remember: a mind is a terrible thing to waste

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