Do I get my lap dance now?
2002-01-09 04:30:20 (UTC)

Would you care to let it show?

So I'm here to vent, because April was talking to me and
she tells me ridiculous stuff. And I'm pissed because
she's being a mad-bitch and I'm starting to hate it. I
don't know what her beef is with my dog, but she keeps
bringing her up. Anyway, that's not even a tenth of the

So we were talking about some girl named Michelle and how
she doesn't really wanna be in a relationship with Justin,
because she's been in them before and gotten her heart
broken and blah blah bullshit bullshit and she's afraid
it'll happen again. Whatever. And April says "And I can
kinda relate to her because blah blah blah." And I said
that was stupid and I think people like that are morons.
Here they have the opportunity to get a nice guy and
they're too busy being a dumbass and a nerf herder worrying
about their precious little fucking emotions. And here I
am with the lowest fucking self in the world because I
haven't had a real fucking boyfriend in my entire, pittiful
life of eighteen years. Boys don't pay any fucking
attention to me, because they're too busy fawning over
girls like dumbass Michelle and dumbass April who are
concerned with broken hearts. What the hell is that
about? And April said something else dumb, after I
referred to her kind as morons. And then I said "Dude,
check it out from my shitty end of the pole. No boy has
ever liked me in my entire life. I think you're all a
bunch of dumbshits." And she tries to tell me what I'm
doing wrong, because she's sat down and seriously tried to
analyze the situation. Appearently, It's a nation-wide
concensus (She's taken a survey, sick huh?), I don't treat
boys like girls should. I treat everyone equal, and I
shouldn't do that. I shouldn't be myself. That's the
key. I'm supposed to act like a fucking ditz and twirl my
hair and smack my gum and stop waering t-shirts or
something. Boys are so fucking evil. So are girls, for
being fake dumbasses. I'm all alone in this world.
Asses. I'm so pissed.

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