The UnEven Eye
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2002-01-09 04:25:04 (UTC)

Ya think I would learn

Vida por siempre. muerte por siempre más. Deja nos pero
una ocasión. Mayo la quemadura del fuego brillante, y
muerte nunca obscurece su puerta.(I think I got the
Spanish right?)

People are amazing. I recover my depression only to put
into another one. God.. is this what life's about? If
it is.. I hope you all die soon. Or something near to it.
My stomach churns now. I feel sick.
Now what about that. I'm aneroxic.. I have no problem
with it.. or saying am. Nothing to be ashamed of. Why
do you think there is? Look I'm even paranoid. You
people do wonderful jobs on my poor mind.
My poor mind? Whatever is left of it. I used to be
smart.. now I can't even do simple math equations.. I'm
imbecile. Now..

This why people kill themselves.. Or in my case just
me. ^.^