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2002-01-09 04:21:03 (UTC)


Today... Hmm... Well, after get nearly no sleep for the
last 5 days, I should go to the dentist! I think my wisdom
tooth is coming out!

Im also going to update a website im currently doing, which
shouldnt take long, after that, im not sure what else Im
going to do!

Well, I've had a good day... Its now 1:05am (GMT) Im still not sure
if im going to get any sleep tonight, at least I get a chance to tidy
up the house abit!!

Tomorrow I've got a busy day, wake up (thats if i go to sleep!) at
8am, go into town, get some cash out of the bank, I think £80 should
do it.. goto Argos and buy a new shower head and hose, then to a
meeting with the mental health team (i'll tell you more about that
later on...) then I think I'll go for a few beers!

Well, got to run, see you all later :-)

By the way, if u want to find more details about me, visit my profile
at www.gaydar.co.uk/jason_myers_24


Love Jason xxx

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