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Sea of Ice
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2002-01-09 04:08:09 (UTC)

cry part XII

"Just let it out, and cry..."
Part XII

Kaminora woke up in her bed. Her breath coming
faster than she had remembered. "What's going on? Who do I
have to find...."

Hyonetso swung his heavy pack over his sholder. A
wind blowing his fire red bangs from his face. Turning his
eyes to the sky he woundered what had changed since he'd
been away. He had left the day Shizumaru and Neikanredi,
had given Setsuno his dark tarrot. All that time ago. He
couldn't bear the thought of sacrafiseing lives just to
finish a mission. No mission was more imporntant than a
life. But the Japanese family from Jupiter saw it another
way. Could you call it pride, or honer.. thats how the
honerable knight and two scouts of that planet lived. But
to Hyonetso, it wasn't houner or pride. It was a quick way
out of a bad dream. Turning his face back to the street he
mades his way to Setsuno's and Jikanchi's old apartment.
Hopfuly they'd be home. Climming the steps he knocked on
the door, the stated "The Meiou Residence." He wasn't
surprised to see Korriana's face answer the door. She
visited there quite often.
"Hyonesto?!" Her smile grew. "Where have you been!"
the small girl pulled the prist into a hug. "Please come
in..." She held the door open wider. Unlike the rest of the
scouts Hyonesto was born on Earth, not on his own planet.
So maybe that was why his perseption on the mission was
different from the others. Walking he found Setsuno sitting
on the coach sipping tea. Setsuno's eyes met Hyonesto's.
Placeing down his tea, he stood to greet his long since
missing friend.

"So my memories are pretty slim. But the more time
I spend with everyone they come back slowly. And with
Jikanchi living with Herashino, it's been good for all of
us.. I've learned to let her live and I've been making up
those two years I've missed with Korri."
"You mean.. Jikanchi and Herashino, are..."
Hyonetso said shocked. Korriana nodded. A smile gracing her
"I don't think I've seen them happier." She
intertwined his fingers with Setsuno's. "And now I live
here. With Setsuno." Hyonetso's eyes glazed over.
"Oh.. right. Well.. I have to be going.. I still
haven't been back to the temple yet." Standing up he bowed
to his friends. "I'll see you all later." Then he left. As
he walked along he sadly dragged his bag along. And
continued to walk twords the temple.
"Heashino stop... this is serious. Now.. make a
wish." Jikanchi's inchanted voice said. Hyonetso's ears
"Was that Jikanchi?" As he turned the corner up the
steps of the temple, sure enough, there was Herashino,
Kaminora and Jikanchi. Atached happily to Herashino's arm.
Herashino closed his eyes, and held the charm in
his hand. As he opend his eyes his face fell.
"What's wrong Shino-kun?" Kaminora asked.
"My wish didn't come true. I told you these things
were mythical.." Herashino pouted.
"What did you wish for?" Jikanchi quired.
"I wished we were here to pray, but we're all still
here... with the charms..." He smiled. Jikanchi gave him a
small smirk, and hugged him.
"Ok. Come on Kaminora, lets go take this one to
"Hai, Jikanchi-san." Kaminora chirped brightly. The
three of them started to walk as Jikanchi's eye cought a
shock of red amung the green leaves that sarownded the
"Hy... HYONETSO!" grabbing Kaminora, the two girls
ran to him. Hugging him tightly Jikanchi spoke. "Where have
you been? You've missed so much." Hyoneyso looked quizicly
at Kaminora. Noticing his stare Kaminora spoke.
"No Hyonetso. Neikanredi isn't dead. We've meirly
split bodies." She smiled. Hyonetso's face lit with
"How did you know I was thinking that?" He asked.
Kaminora's face distored.
"I... I don't know... I just knew..." She answered.
Looking confused. ' How did I know....?' She asked her self.
"Konnichi-wa, Hyonetso..." Herashino's voice
sounded. He walked slowly up to them. His usual hounerable
prestige on his face.
"Herashino..." Hyonetso nodded acknoleging his
aly. "I'm glad to see you all her."
"Yes, we were about to go pray.. care to lead us in
a prayer." Herashino, never really asked questions.. he
sort of stated everything. Hyonetso nodded and began to
walk with his friends.
After the prayer was finished, the Kino family bid
good bye to their returned friend. But as they walked
Kaminora could feel some one watching her. Then the sad
music filled her head. Stopping suddenly she turned twords
a tall apartment building. That was where the music seemed
to be comeing from. She stared at it quizickly. Not
noticing that Herashino and Jikanchi were both calling her.
Her mind was completely foucused to the song, it's sad
notes pulling her closer. She began to walk tword the
"KAMINORA! What are you doing!" Herashino called
running after her. But she didn't hear a word that was
"I'm comming.. An..." Kaminora's words were cut off
qwuickly as Herashino jumped out and pulled her back onto
the side walk. Kaminora had started to walk into the street
tword the aparntment building. She hadn't heard the cars
comming nor Herashino's desprate screams. As the brother
and sister hit the grownd she woke from her spell. The
music gone now.

The End
By: Kitty Maxwell
Authers note: Ok this one brought back a charactor, from
long ago. Who just seemed to disapear. Well, hopfully I'll
be able to finished his story and show you who Kaminora is
being called by. But untill then read faithfuly. And keep
an eye open for my new sceries. "Some Years Later." Its
still the charactors as this story but (as the title says)
some years later in the lives of all our allies. So untill
then. Ja' Ne Mina-san.