Do I get my lap dance now?
2002-01-09 04:06:42 (UTC)

Don't you ever change it.

I'm doing thos because Mike did and I'm self absorbed and
lonely. Shoot me, please?

01. name? Lara.
02. d.o.b.? 5 May 1983
03. location? Still Port Orchard, WA.
04. religion? freelance.
05. occupation? retired elevator host. ha ha.

01. hair? Finally brown.
02. eyes? Brown.
03. height? 5'4"

01. clothing? Patched up jeans, second hand t-shirts,
hoddies, funky taped up Nikes.
02. music? Punk, laid back rock, emo.
03. makeup? Cover girl. I'm horrible, I know.
04. bodyart? None this week.

01. wearing? Above patched up pants, Strokes jersey, "cold
weather pants," above funky taped up Nikes, and Hofbrauhaus
hooded sweatshirt.
02. listening to? Sugar Ray - When It's Over.
03. thinking of? How shitty tomorrow will be.
04. feeling? Fat.

01. bought? Two loaves of bread and two bottles of Coke.
02. did? pissed my mom orff. ha ha.
03. ate & drank? Milk and cookies :)
04. read? The Grasshopper Trap, by Patrick F. McManus.
05. watched on tv? I Dream of Jeannie, about three hours

01. club or houseparty? Totally houseparty.
02. tea or coffee? Tea.
03. high achiever or easy-going? Easy going homebody.
04. beer or cider? Beer.
05. drinks or shots? Shots. Get it over with.
06. cats or dogs? Dogs dogs dogs.
07. single or taken? Unbearably single.
08. pen or pencil? Pen.
09. gloves or mittens? Gloves.
10. food or candy? Chow.
11. cassette or cd? CD.
12. snuff or cigarettes? Marb lights. Yuck.
13. coke or pepsi? Coca cola.
14. hard or mild alcohol? Yuck, none.
15. matches or a lighter? Lighter.
16. sunset beach or the bold and the beautiful? Wha?
17. rickie lake or oprah winfrey? Totally Ricki Lake.

01. kill? April. Okay, I don't want to kill her, I just
wanna rip out her instinct to bitch.
02. shag? Dave.
03. slap? April. There we go.
04. hear from? George.
05. get really wasted with? My cousin Doug.
06. tickle? ...Elmo?
07. look like? Heather Locklear. Yum.
08. be like? Myself. And I want boys to like me for it,
dammit. Fuck you, boys.
09. avoid? Royal's dad, because he weirds me out.

01. food? pastas of any sort.
02. drink? Diet coke.
03. color? brown.
04. album? Pices, Aquarius, Capricorn and Jones, LTD, by
the Monkees.
05. shoes? Nikes.
06. site?
07. dance? The funky chicken.
08. song? Loaded, by Ricky Martin, or Bowling Shoes, by
Fountains of Wayne, or Infatuation, by Prozzak.
09. vegetable? carrots.
10. fruit? Lemons.
11. berry? raspberries.

12. touched? & year old Robbie. We were beating eachother
up for control of my Nintendo.
13. talked to? Tom the father.
14. hugged? Drunk kid with the name. I don't remember who
he was.
15. instant messaged? the drunk pizza man.
16. kissed? Josh S. Ouch.
17. had a crush on? George.
17b. do you still have a crush on him/her? Sortanotreally.
18. who broke your heart? Joel.

19. eat? At the table or my couch.
20. dance? My kitchen.
21. cry? in bed.
22. wish you were? On the moon.

current mood: contemplative.
current music: Harry Connock, Jr. - The Way You Look
current advice: Don't listen to your best friend's advice
because it's lousy.