Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2002-01-09 04:00:59 (UTC)


Oh my good Lord its been a long time since I've
written!!!! Umm I dont even remember whats happened since
then!! aggh.. umm let me think.. New Years I went to a
party @ Jon's house but it wasnt so fun so Emm and I left
and Carrie, Joe, Kyle and Steff all came over to Emm's
around 10:30. We played Candyland and danced and such. it
was fun but I went to bed early-- @ like 2am... hmm.. my
resolutions were: 1) learn to play guitar 2) learn to
snowboard 3) loose some weight-- prom's coming... yea.. so
fun right!? Umm.. back to school sucked.. I was sick the
2nd day-- but I was sick like all vaca so I figured it was
ok to take a day off of school.. lol.. umm.. Last weekend I
went to Andrea's party.. it was SOOO FUN!! I honestly wasnt
sure I'd have a good time but I really did. She got all
her pics developed and theres some really funny ones of me
and Amanda attempting to be cool and then one of Maggie
pimping Amanda and I out.. lol.. it was just plain great..
I had such a good time.. and I had my tarot cards read--
they said I wanted Flaming Hott Sex... actually they
didnt..lol.. but there was a dragon so Mike and I
pretending thats what it meant. Then that night Maggie
stayed the night and we had tons of fun even though I was a
party pooper and went to bed about 2. Then Sat I didnt go
to Jay's party.. Sorry :( .. I still love u Jason-- dont
hate me for too long!! I really wanted to go but Emm
wouldnt go and I didnt want to go alone again.. SORRY SORRY
SORRY SORRY JAYBIRD! (haha-- Jaybird-- Dino boy.. haha--
good times! good times! esp that TUESDAY! lol) ok anyways..
haha.. umm Sat night Emm and I went to stay w/ Steff @ her
college and that was fun stuff! haha.. Steff and I did a
video to that Big Butts song-- how lame am I-- its like a
classic and I dont even know the name!! lol.. oh well..
then we set the cam. on a stand and played twister for it..
it was tons of fun.. I won 2/3 and the one I didnt win was
b/c Steff cheated and knocked me over w/ her butt! lol.. oh
well.. it was fun.. uummm.. Sun I went home and slept and
met Kate's b/f and stuff.. they're SO MUCH ALIKE ITS NOT
EVEN FUNNY! he's sweet.. ummm since then not much has
happened b/c its only Tues... but TODAY I got in a huge
thing w/ these kids who have a problem w/ me being a
christian.. they've been making stupid comments for a while
now so today they were standing like 3 ft from me w/ their
backs to me and were making comments so I went off on
them. I didnt realize I was screaming but I guess I was
b/c when I looked like everyone was listening.. and the
boys were so embarassed they couldnt even look at me... it
was so great.. so 2 of them apologized and I havent talked
to the 3rd and really dont care to b/c he's a dirty scummer
anyways.. lol.. welllll thats about it.. I'm happy again
finally.. I've been really moody lately and have been sorta
mean to my boy-- sorry Ryan! EYEHEART YOU!!! umm yea well I
have to read 21 chapters of The Scarlet Letter tonight so I
better go start that! lol.. (someone got bored and fell
behind-- bet u cant guess who! lol) nite nite