Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-01-09 03:53:06 (UTC)

Only me

I swear these things only happen to losers like me.
*growls* ... ok, I'm reading almost down with Silent
Warrior, and some guy calls and asks for me. Not only is
this freakish, but I'm thinking its Jason or someone
playing a joke. This guy on the other end then proceeds to
tell me he's a "big fan of me," but he says we don't have
any classes together when I asked him. This has got to be
a joke. Then he asks if he can ask me about myself, and
what I like? I mean what the hell. SO I'm about to hang up
and just finish the last 4 pages of book. When he's all
like, "Don't you know who this is?" ... Ahhh! No! So, he's
like Mervin! This is I know a joke. But oh no, then he
says he's from Art Club, reminding me about the meeting on
Friday (I haven't gone to Art club in 4 months). I mean,
hello, why didn't he say that to begin with?! Jeez, got me
all prepared to get revenge for nothing... Isn't it sad
that, that was the most interesting thing that happened to
me all day... I did drive off base and to Taco Bell and
back, and I didn't hit anything! yeah! ... Well, that and
the fact that, PE is going to suck. And it just happens to
be the only class I have every damn day. But I did get a
cool FMF shirt I ordered today. So that was good. But I
have to share my PE locker with some freaky happy chic
names Kaisa? Good grief, you know God laughs at me a lot.
I mean, my best friends here are, Phi-Ahn (who knows where
that came from) and Anneka, Jeez. That ranks up there next
to Leisel. Ok, done with my boring life. I get to kill a
bug, then go to bed! Wow, how completely fun and
exciting :I