One fucked up Life

my mind is fucked
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2001-04-12 16:54:45 (UTC)

Why me? I loved him and he raped me

Hi. I guess I'll start off by saying, MY LIFE SUCKS...I
fucking hate people and myself. In the past year ive been
locked up in a nut house, raped, parents divorced, addicted
to all kinds of drugs, thought i was pregnant, quit school,
tried to kill myself and much much more. It all started
when I was in 7th grade and I met this boy named Shaun. I
liked him right away and we went out. We went out on and
off for about 3 years. I had other boyfriends in between
but we always went back to each other. He was an ass hole
to me. He made fun of me all the time and cheated on me
with my friends. Well, about 1 year ago, my parents
separated and my mom moved out. My homosexual brother
moved in my 19 year old sister with two kids also moved
in. The house was crazy. So much shit was happening
everyday. I smoked up with my sister every night when the
kids went to bed. And i soon was addicted to prescription
drugs that she would give me. I would snort anything up my
nose if it made me feel better. Well, my mom got scared
and made me and my brother move in with her, she thought
things might get better... WRONG, they got worse. I started
going out with a boy named chris, and i loved him alot. My
friend Kaitlin came over one day and we invited over Shaun
and his friend Mike. They came over and asked us if we
wanted to go out and drink. Well of course we wanted to.
So we went out, and they got me drunk as fuck. While the
little slut bag Kaitlin sat in the front seat, the two guys
took turns raping me. My nice friend Kaitlin asked them if
they needed more condoms, NICE HUH?? Shes a whore and
afterwards, my boyfriend chris beat the fuck outta Shaun
and chased Mike out of town. But now Me and Chris and my
friend Mike (not the bad guy) have to go to court for
throughing some bricks through the whorefaces(Kaitlin)
house windows. Whatever, she deserved it. But i'll
probably get put on probation. That sux...but o well..I'll
write more later.. Life sux, then you die

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