My Life Story
2002-01-09 03:43:22 (UTC)

Brown-eyed girl (or should I say blue...?)

I have just had the most amazing night. After jazz choir I
came home and my voice/piano teacher came over for my
lesson. When we were done R came over and picked me up. We
decided to go to the chinese buffet for dinner, and after
we finally found it, we had our meals and left. We then
went to cw's. Before we went in, we sat in the car and
talked and R was playing guitar for me. It was really
sweet. We went into cw's, and were planning to sit with a
group of people that were already there but there was no
room so we got a table of our own. We drank vanilla cokes
and watched jeopardy and then R decided he wanted to buy
some vanilla syrup. We went to the party shop to try and
get some, but they were sold out of it. Again faced with
the problem of what to do, R had the brilliant idea to
drive up to the movie theater to do donuts. We both really
wanted to go see Lord Of The Rings but we wouldn't have had
time to since my curfew was at 10. So, R drove around the
back parking lot for awhile and then when he got bored, he
parked the car on the side of the building and we sat and
tried to think of something to do. Neither of us had any
ideas so R pulled out his guitar again and started teaching
me some things and was playing a bunch of songs for me
(including the ones he had written). Then, when we had both
had enough of that, we just sat and looked at each other,
trying to think of something to do. By this point, we had
gradually gotten closer to each other and were holding
hands. We had a conversation about what color each others
eyes were (we both have blue!) and then about what we
should do. He said something about how he usually never has
this situation on first dates, so I explained to him how i
usually don't have dates, I just get used. That led to a
moral dilemma for R. He wanted to do something (other than
just hold hands) but he didn't think it was right.
Especially after I had just told him that I always get used
and since he's leaving tomorrow and all of that. We sat
there holding hands, rubbing each other's legs and looking
into each other's eyes for about an hour. We tried to
decide whether we could technically consider tonight our
second date, but we eventually decided that last night
didn't count since josh was at cw's with us. But this was
it...our first real date and in R's words "this was an all
out date." It neared 10:00 and R figured he better get me
home. He kept apologizing for what did (or didn't happen)
but I told him that I completely understood. In fact, I
really really respect him for his decision. I really admire
that about him. So, on the way home, we were talking about
how the snow was starting to drift and how it was possible
I'd have a snow day tomorrow. He said that if I did, to
call him and we could hang out cause he didn't have to
leave till later. He said that if that didn't work out,
though, that he'd be home over spring break and that he'd
give me a call as soon as he got home and that we'd talk
online and he'd make sure I was keeping up with the guitar.
So, I'm definitely praying for snow tomorrow cause I'd love
to see him again, but if that doesn't work out, then at
least I know that this is finally a guy who is actually
interested in me. And I know that once he gets back to
school I'll still be able to talk to him online, and then h
gets like a month off for spring break so he'll be back in
woo for that. Ya know...I'm really hoping that things will
work out for him to go to prom with me. I would absolutely
love that!!! :) Yay! Well, anyways. I've totally fallen for
R now. I can't believe it. I had hardly had a conversation
with him until a couple days after Christmas and now
we're...well, we're not dating but if he weren't so far
away I really think we would be. Well, I guess that's it
for now. Later.

~Daria :)

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