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2002-01-09 03:35:49 (UTC)

"chicks dig assholes."

lol yeah.. thats from some stupid movie thats on until sex
and the city comes on. its some stupid shit but the girls
kinda cute... today was stupid and long. i got algebra and
shit taken care of thats very good it was important. my
government teacher is kinda cool i was sitting by that
geeky guy that likes me by the bookshelf and she has all
these great books "women of power" and "a woman's choice"
and shit. kinda cool. i think brent's losing it, he was
talking crazy today. elaina keeps signing on and off its
real annoying. anyway then i went to work and fucking
kathy was like "bernadette said you cant work with your
hair like that." fucking bullshit shit i was pretty
pissed. LOL oh no the girl jst puked on the boy thats
sooooooo gross. anyway so i got to see caroline for a
little bit and that was good and then i went to claudias to
do my homework, then to richards and we fell asleep until i
had to go home... boring long shitty day. and im soo
tired. kendra just signed on and off. fucking. ugh... im
over this chapter of my life. like all of it so far. matt
called today to tell me about some job or some shit hes
like you can go apply with me tomorrow.. its $11/hour
incoming calls... i dont know. so caroline just called and shes not
guna be home for awhile. okay. i dont care. its not a real big
deal cus i was just waiting to talk to her anyway and maybe i'll see
her tomorrow. some guy wrote me a message on my diary yesterday and
i got it this morning it was cool=) cus ashleys the only one that
writes me messages and i like getting them and it was really nice.
ashleys on=) i should write caroline an email so i'll get one in the
morning but i really dont have much to say i guess. actually, i
really have nothing to write tonight. i dont know why im feeling like
this... everything just seems like such a bunch of bullshit and
people are such assholes. im done for now. fucking. im guna go
talk to ashley and watch sex and the city and go to bed.