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2002-01-09 03:33:53 (UTC)

"I know some day you'll have a beautiful life... I know you'll be a star in somebody else's sky... why... why can't it be mine?"

It's the little things in the day that matter most. ya
gotta laugh....
*Adam: Taliwhacker.
Me: Taliwhacker?
Adam: Heather, I think you can come up with a better term
than that.
*Laura: "We can't get anything rumbly like nerds this
*Megan: "His name was Fossil... FOSSIL!!!!"

... guess you hadda be there..

Fuck love. Well.. no. Not love. Not the real stuff
anyway. I'd do that all again. Missa, i love ya baby, we
all do. Take it out on me if you can find a way, cuz thats
all i ever wanted.. take it out on someone.

"What are you running from? Taking pills to get along.
Creating walls to call your own. So no one catches you
drifting off and doing all the things that we all do. Let
them wash away. All those yesterdays." ~Pearl Jam~