* Karlie *

2002-01-09 03:32:53 (UTC)

I'm Fucked!

I had to go up to school today cause I needed to register
for my classes and I got screwed... I have an 8:00 class
ever single goddamn day! I am going to fail... I can't do
this. GOD I cannot wake up!
Anyway last night I went over to George's cause he called
me and invited me to go over. So around 8 I went and we
ended up watching Pearl Harbor and we made out and it was
another good night! I'm assuming his parents know that we
have a "thing". His mom is so nice, ever since I can
remember she has been sooo friendly. I really like her.
Anyway it really was a good night! :)
I haven't been eating too too badly lately. Sat I didn't
eat too much. I had about 460 calories. Sun I had rice
and beans and toast with light peanut butter so all that
was about 700 - 900 calories. Then yesterday (mon) I had
a slim fast and 2 vegan cookies so that was about 260
calories total (YAY!) and then today I had french fries
and 3 vegan cookies so that was about 500 - 600 calories
(I checked the calories of the fries online but added a
few cause ya know it probably isn't too acurate)
So hopefully tomorrow I'll eat 300 calories or less...
that would be good!
Anyway I will write later!


Height: 5'0
Weight: 113
BMI: 22.1