Happy Noodle Boy Rox!
2002-01-09 03:30:24 (UTC)


Afipunkgodess: katie do i know you?
Afipunkgodess: do you know me?
WaterfallingMist: what?
WaterfallingMist: about?
Afipunkgodess: i dont know
Afipunkgodess: i was just wondering today
Afipunkgodess: if i really knew anybody
Afipunkgodess: and if anybody really knew me, if i knew
WaterfallingMist: okay
WaterfallingMist: kinda scared me ther efor a sec
WaterfallingMist: it kinda went over my head
Afipunkgodess: what did you think
Afipunkgodess: ?
WaterfallingMist: well no both ways
WaterfallingMist: not that i exactly want you to KNOW me
and i don't really wanna KNOW you
WaterfallingMist: i think thats best left to ourselves
WaterfallingMist: we'll just be better off that way
Afipunkgodess: then what is the point of everything
Afipunkgodess: but how do i know myself
WaterfallingMist: i hope that made sense
WaterfallingMist: exactly
WaterfallingMist: ok don't freak out
WaterfallingMist: but the other day
WaterfallingMist: i was thinking about what would happen if
i diea
WaterfallingMist: died*
Afipunkgodess: and..?
WaterfallingMist: and NO i am not suicidal
Afipunkgodess: lol i know that
WaterfallingMist: it was just kinda wierd and cool at the
same time
WaterfallingMist: that was totally irrevalant to what you
were saying
WaterfallingMist: sorry
Afipunkgodess: its cool
Afipunkgodess: death
Afipunkgodess: death what is death
WaterfallingMist: whatevr it is it must be nice
WaterfallingMist: as long as if heaven and hell do exist
WaterfallingMist: ya go the right polace
WaterfallingMist: place*
WaterfallingMist: hehe
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: but hell would be fine too
Afipunkgodess: at least it is existance
WaterfallingMist: okay...
Afipunkgodess: if it does exist
WaterfallingMist: whoa
Afipunkgodess: what?
WaterfallingMist: you're a scaring me
Afipunkgodess: ohkay i scared you didnt i
WaterfallingMist: yeah
Afipunkgodess: well im not saying i want to go to hell
WaterfallingMist: sorta kinda
WaterfallingMist: maybe yes
Afipunkgodess: im just saying that its better than not
being here at all
Afipunkgodess: a life of suffering is better than none at
WaterfallingMist: well ya
Afipunkgodess: if hell is so bad, why cant people repent?
WaterfallingMist: see ya know those forwards and stuff
WaterfallingMist: that had ppl runed away from heaven cuz
they weren't true christians
WaterfallingMist: or wutevr
WaterfallingMist: but they were all crying and sorry and
WaterfallingMist: and they didn't get in
WaterfallingMist: that is so horrible
WaterfallingMist: i just can't believe it
WaterfallingMist: i won't
Afipunkgodess: i dont
Afipunkgodess: i dont think anyone can dictate my belief
Afipunkgodess: or actually know
Afipunkgodess: if we knew it wouldnt be so much of a test
Afipunkgodess: or game
Afipunkgodess: or whatever youd like to call it
WaterfallingMist: it goes against what we've been taught
about are loving God
Afipunkgodess: its faith
Afipunkgodess: religion contradicts
WaterfallingMist: yeah
WaterfallingMist: of all the most important things in the
WaterfallingMist: religion has to contradict
WaterfallingMist: why can't the stock market contradict and
be done with it
Afipunkgodess: the thing is
Afipunkgodess: we cant look at it as perfect
Afipunkgodess: though inspired by god, written by humans
WaterfallingMist: thats for sure
Afipunkgodess: humans arent perfect
Afipunkgodess: its like a math book or any book
WaterfallingMist: thats for sure too
Afipunkgodess: there are always mistakes
Afipunkgodess: and you have to overlook them
WaterfallingMist: sadly
WaterfallingMist: i've seen too many mistakes
WaterfallingMist: than good things
Afipunkgodess: you cant not accept things
Afipunkgodess: just because of a few mistakes
Afipunkgodess: they never will be to your perfection
WaterfallingMist: or i've probably just overlooked all that
good stuff
Afipunkgodess: or at least not on this earth
Afipunkgodess: but in the book
Afipunkgodess: you still get the main concepts
Afipunkgodess: it can still be good
WaterfallingMist: you can not accept stuff
WaterfallingMist: you may live with it
WaterfallingMist: but you don't haft aaccept
WaterfallingMist: it
Afipunkgodess: well yes
Afipunkgodess: but i mean the main ideas
WaterfallingMist: yeah
Afipunkgodess: are what youre asked to accept
WaterfallingMist: i gotcha
WaterfallingMist: ya
Afipunkgodess: the details can be messed up sometimes
Afipunkgodess: but i mean get the gist
Afipunkgodess: and then itll be better
Afipunkgodess: or thats what ive contemplated bout so far
its my opinion who knows it could change tomorrow... today
WaterfallingMist: you know what?
Afipunkgodess: what
WaterfallingMist: we should just...start another religion
Afipunkgodess: mhmm
Afipunkgodess: in a sense i already have
Afipunkgodess: lol jenniferism
WaterfallingMist: that was sooo blasphemous
WaterfallingMist: lol
Afipunkgodess: its what ive accepted and what ive taken
from experience
Afipunkgodess: lol
Afipunkgodess: why
WaterfallingMist: what i said
Afipunkgodess: why
Afipunkgodess: i dont see whats wrong bout it
WaterfallingMist: according to the catholic church at least
WaterfallingMist: not that God cares probably
WaterfallingMist: hopefully
WaterfallingMist: naaaaa
Afipunkgodess: yes but catholics (mostly) believe that they
and they alone are right
WaterfallingMist: i don't think so
Afipunkgodess: he cares but i dont thi k its wrong
Afipunkgodess: i mean its the truth
Afipunkgodess: they cant make me believe some things

Afipunkgodess: and i dont
Afipunkgodess: believe some things
Afipunkgodess: sometimes it seems like theyre brainwashing
Afipunkgodess: i think they are
Afipunkgodess: or are trying to
Afipunkgodess: with their relgion
WaterfallingMist: hmmmm
Afipunkgodess: they dont let me think for myself, they just
force it upon me
WaterfallingMist: could be
Afipunkgodess: and condemn anyone who says otherwise
Afipunkgodess: why not let me come to my own conclusion
Afipunkgodess: because everyone would if they read if they
started with an unbiast opinion
Afipunkgodess: but everyone threw THEIR relig at me
Afipunkgodess: and so im biast and brainwashed
Afipunkgodess: like when i was lil the teachers would be
like repeat after me: god is good etc
WaterfallingMist: yeah