Visions Of Life
2002-01-09 03:10:17 (UTC)

Maybe i Should Start A Cult...

I think thats my calling in life.. Picture this.. My own
group of devoted worshippers.. Who LIVE to worship me,
cherish me and keep my happy. And if they are truly devoted,
they get to drink from my eternal fountain of life and

More on my cult later... Interested? Email me at
[email protected] for more details, a brocher and
an application.

Okay.. Might be going to Massage Therapy School.. If I cant
afford my school of chinese medicine then Ill at least start
my alternative medicine trail with massage therapy..

I need a new job so I can wander the night... This sunlight
bullshit is really bothering me.. The night is real. The
night is true. The night is pure. Embrace the darkness
outside as well as within..

Relationship Status:

Nothin new to tell.. Still confused tho I dont feel as
slutty.. I have the feeling things are about to get
complicated again in the next few days..

Religion Status-

Still trying to design an alter.. Plus I need a few
moresupplies.. I have a lil section for my circle.. Yay!!

Strawberry Vodka Status.. LMAO:

Still addicted but not drinking it.. Lol.. Good thing I have
willpower.. There are, ummm, other things id rather drink...

Mental Status:

Up and down and Up and down like a fuckin 5 dollar hooker..
lol... Still going mad.. Still going in circles.. No longer
care.. If i fall, I fall...

Random Crazyness status:

LMAO. Utah in 10 days!!! yay!!! Must go to Salt Lake City..
Interesting games are afoot in SLC.. *grin*

Hmmmm.. I think thats all I have to say.. Boring I know..
Lol.. Ummmmm... Republicans suck.. yeah.. hadda be said..
lol *sticks tongue out at a certain someone* I am not a
fuckin conservative.. lol.. Shall we vote on it? LMAO

*poof* Im Gone~