Stary Night

the nightmare befor Christmas
2002-01-09 03:00:50 (UTC)

Breath Savers

I have this huge obsession with mints. They are essential
to my state of being. Expecialy with spearmint breath
savers. When ever I go to the store and I see a new kind of
mint that looks like it could be remotely tasty I buy them.
Mabye this is an obbsessive compulsive disorder of sorts. I
can see it now, Ten years down the road I'm standing on a
platform saying,("I have a problem. I am addicted to mints.")
then I brake down crying and sobbing evry where. Hee Hee
I'd like to see that. This obsession of mine started about three
years ago, and for a short time went into remmision. I was still
eating them, just not to the magnituded that I eat them now. What can
I say I'm an addict. I have to addmit that mints arn't the only thing
that I'm addicted to. No... No they are not. I am addicted to Diet-
Coke. This probably sounds nasty, disturbed, and even grunjy to you,
but it happens.
I have again been reading other peoples jornals, and i feel I've
found one that quite intrigues me. It's by a 17 year old boy/guy/man
who lives in a little ass place that has been over run by "hicks." I
have to say that this sounds quite a bit like the place that fate has
forced forced upon me. For God's sake I live in Wisconsin! How much
worse can it get? We ither breed anarcists, or people who never leave
and become farmers! Ok so mabye it's not that bad, but it could be.
Every person who has ever left Wisconsin
in other words the futur me