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2002-01-09 02:59:11 (UTC)

nothing between us but oceans of bad blood

chip just left.

i stayed home today because i had the flu. ... partly too,
because i was soaking in that lisa was dead.

... i feel a little better. ...

emma came over and brought back some of our dishes and
stuff... ... she was high, i think.

registered for my act today. missed the feb deadline... so
i have to take it in april.

got patrick neeley's demo in the mail... its rockin'... if
anyone happens to stumble upon this most... go to his band,
centerfold's page at and download some stuff.

i don't know much of anything...

when i went to school yesterday before the funeral... my
body was aching... god... i went to the bathroom and just
stayed closed up in the stall... it was bad. .... it
doesn't seem like i can concentrate on anything...

but things will get better, right? ... normal will step in
after awhile.... right?