Squirrel Heaven
2002-01-09 01:39:42 (UTC)

Naive People...

So, once again I only had 5 hours of sleep last night. I
took 2 NoDoz's this morning and I started twitching durring
Spanish Class, for a second my heart was beating so fast I
thought I was gonna die. But I didnt. I'm fine.

Before Spanish class, however, I found Tiffanie, one of my
best friends since I was like...very little...so far back I
don't remember, with Mike Baum, a Father, a heavy smoker,
and he has failed a grade twice or something like that, and
he has bought her a very nice ring...I wonder where he got
the money. :| He is like 17 or something like that. They
are super serious about each other, and I need to talk to
Tiffanie, but I can't find the words to tell her to watch
out...I mean how do I ask how far she has gone with him,
and if a condom was involved. I remember last year we got
into this heated discussion about abortion and birth
controls and stuff. She is highly against abortion, and she
considers all birth control to BE a form of abortion and
she never ever wants to use it, and she doesnt wanna have
sex unless she plans of having a child because of it. Thats
what she told me. I wonder how much of that is true today.
I wonder what she considers to be abortion, and I wonder if
she is still saving herself. I wonder if she is still a
virgin. I wonder if he respects what shes thinking. I
wonder if he is just out for one thing. I know Tiffanie,
and I certainly dont consider he weak, but I do know she
needs male attention...and..I think...if she is in love
with this guy..that naive type of love..she is gonna do
anything to keep him. I am fine with her going off and
having sex, but only if she wants it. I dont want her to do
it because it will make someone else happy. I care alot
about Tiffanie, she has been my friend the longest after
all, and I know how hurt she can get. I recently went
through a real bad break up, as you should know already,
and I have felt the type of pain that I hope no one I care
about ever has to know, if they havent already. Tiffanie is
too...wonderful..to ever be treated like a peice of meat. I
want Mike to know that if he ever hurts my friend, I will
punish him. I will punish him like a fucking bastard. After
I am done with him he will only be recognized as a woman in
public. I will pay a hitman to ejaculate in his ass. I
swear to God. If he messes with her, or worse, gets her
pregnant, and then dumps her, I will have his head mounted
upon my wall like a hunting trophy. I don't know how to
tell her this though. In 7th and 8th grade she had this
boyfriend who like...never payed attention to her. I told
her she could to better, and she told me I was just jealous
cause I couldnt "get a man", and that was so far from the
truth. I mean, he pays child support for crying outloud.
And they say they are gonna get married RIGHT AFTER high
school. I mean, what does that leave her for a future, she
wanted to goto college, and open up her own German Bakery,
thats what she has always wanted to do. And since she is
diabetic she wanted to make it for people who also had a
restricted diet. She could do so much, she has no idea how
productive she could be. And kids and marrage can only tie
you down when you have such high goals, and its
true...*sigh* I just dont know what to do. Maybe, for once
in my life, I will have to learn to keep my mouth shut.
Maybe she will have to be bitten before she learns the
truth about romantic ideas. I bet she thinks she can change
him. Its going to hurt more than anything, but I will hold
my toungue. That's all for now.

Jasmine Nicole

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