2002-01-09 01:39:11 (UTC)

i'm soo confused!!!

Alright, i have a boyfriend (kevin)....and an ex-boyfriend
(ryan), of 3 times. I like kevin a lot, but we got in a
fight this weekend, bcuz he thinks i like ryan, and ryan
likes me, and i'm gonna dump kevin for him. i told him no
and stuff, and we worked everything out but omigod i'm so
confused bcuz ryan has been being soo nice lately.
everytime we've gotten close, we've gone out. and now
we're getting close...what am i spose to do? i talked to
him and he said we were just friends but yeah..sometimes i
doubt that...he sent me song lyrics, and we talked on the
phone well...late last night, into this morning, and i'm
spose to call him again tonight. and i will...there's
something about him that i like so much..i love 'im...and i
don't know what to do. i'm so confused. i mean if he told
me he liked me i'd prolly break up w/ kevin for him. i hate
to admit it, too...i like kevin a lot, don't get me wrong.
we've been going out for a month...but i'm just not as
happy as i was with ryan. but i doubt he likes me, even
though he's kinda acting like it...i don't know i'm just
gonna go with it, and see what happens...
i need help with this..and a lot of it..

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