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Emo Violence
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2002-01-09 01:24:28 (UTC)


i came home today, and my mom was home, the afternoon had
already started off weird, i nearly missed the bus, and got
nervous and scared liek i was goin to cry, you know the
feeling, i couldve easily walked hoem or called my brother
but i wasnt thinking straight, all i could think about
was "oh my god im going to miss the bus, what am i going to
do??" finally josie and i found it but it was just scary.

then i get home and my moms car is here, she is home, and i
forget my key, 2 things that NEVER happen, anyway, so i get
in, my mom had been in the hospitol, shes ok now, but
scary, i get online, dan is there, asks if he can stop by,
i said sure, and he came over and we hung out, we went to
his new house in coatesville, its soo nice for him and
brady to live there by themselves, i wanted to just lay on
his quilt on his nice bed in his nice old house on a nice
farm that isnt his. he showed me his drugs and beer and i
was impressed, it made me feel young, he told me his
stories with coke and heroin and i felt even younger. we
went out to pizza he paid for me, made me feel like i was
on a date or somthin, then we went to the garage and i got
my mittens, and he met janet and dave and julie. i dont
know what he thought of me, i guess i got good vibes im
stoked to hang with him after midterms! hes so fun. and
adorbale too, i guess i forgot that.

im tlakin to joe, i guess we're doing a show, weird.


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