A Closed Mind is An Open Book
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2002-01-09 01:21:29 (UTC)

"had a bad day again..."

Grr. I got to school this morning only to discover I had a
flat tire. Luckily Chris Wilkerson and his carload of
people got there the same time I did to help me. I popped
the trunk and wouldnt ya know it my thunderbird has no
jack! Chris had one in his car so his brother Michael broke
it out and jacked up my car. He pulls out the thing to take
the lugnuts out and gets all off except the last one, looks
up at me and says "I think you're screwed." I was like of
course i am... my car has a flat tire. But then he points
out that the tire has an anti-theft lock on it and it needs
another key to open it. The book said the key should be in
the trunk with the spare... well it wasn't in the trunk
with the spare. So we looked in the glove box. It wasn't
there!! So finally about 30 minutes later (lucky i get to
school pretty early) they find it in the console and put
the spare on my car. I get home and tell my mom and she
calls the texaco place across the street and I drive it up
there expecting to get my tire patched up and pay the 7
bucks and go home. Well... they FINALLY get around to my
car and come out to tell me the outter wall of the tire is
messed up. Ok... great... GRR. So I said, "Just patch up
the hole the screw made and I'll tell my dad to look at the
tire when he gets home." the guys like ok and all and its
done 5 minutes later. I go to pay the guy and I ask how
much its gonna be and he says dont worry about it. So Now I
have 4 tires all of which have air and didnt pay a dime.
grr... at least I have tires on my car now.

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