The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-01-09 01:20:35 (UTC)

take it easy, all right?

I want to clear up one thing right now, lest there should be
any further misinterpretations: this diary/weblog/whatever
is my place to vent. I write about my frustrations here so
as to minimize their effect on my actual life. It's
therapeutic, and it lets me get my griping done. It helps
keep me sane and laid-back the rest of time. So try not to
get angry, and don't take anything personally. Chances are,
I don't know any of you out there, so how on earth could I
possibly intend to offend you?

So if this is my venting place, my therapeutic e-corner
(good phrase, don't you think?), then why did I make it
public? Who knows. It defaulted to that, so I went with
that. Maybe someone will read an entry here and find
something worthwhile in it. Or maybe not. It doesn't
really matter, ultimately.

Keeping a public yet basically anonymous weblog allows for
empathy to happen. People can share their pain and
frustrations, and also their various joys. If one person
reads this and finds something they can relate to, or sees a
solution to a problem, or maybe runs across something that
makes them laugh, then the existence of this is justified.

On a site like this, it makes no difference whether one's
entries are grammatically correct or logically coherent.
What matters is that people keep these weblogs, and
hopefully derive some benefit from it. I know I have.

That is all.