Sleeping with the lights on
2002-01-09 00:49:54 (UTC)

What do I do right?

Yeah, Okay! So, according to certain people in my school I
suck dick for ecstacy. Wow, the stupidity level slowly
rises. Ya know the only reason this fucker called me that is
because he thinks he's sooo cool that anyone who doesn't
agree with his point of view is some way or
in his mind. OK! Just because I can think for myself unlike
the other fuckers in my school doesn't mean that I 1.) suck
dick. Let's see, the idea of "sucking" some boy's cock for
their pleasure is gross. I guess that the sick and perverted
pretty much rule everyone's's kind of sad though.
I once was as stupid as them..Oh yeah..ya know I've done it
all. But once you realize how degrating it is to yourself
and your just can't take it anymore. I know that
most girls like that are just hungry for attention, but I've
found other ways, as in, being a complete and total bitch to
whomever I please. It's fun, really. I have decided that the
friends I have now are the friends that will be with me for
the rest of my life and I know this. So, I don't see how
sucking dick would make me any more happy then I already am.
Happy. (OVER RATED) everything is though. I take med's for
the sadness, but sometimes it just won't shake. Ya know? Oh
well.. lol Okay. I lost my train of thought. Anyways, I have
decided that there is no need to be polite to a dying race.
They all will fail, and I'll laugh at them. Don't get me
wrong though, ok. I am a really nice person. I don't make
fun of anyone and I understand the concepts of race and
religion. There are things that I don't understand, but I
try to understand them. Unlike most people who just make fun
of things that they don't understand...or fear. :)
Maybe if I was feared people would make fun of me more. What
other names do you think they could call me? Hmm, I don't
know...sucking dick for ecstacy..that took some thought
right there. Ammatures. They make me angry, yet..the more
they hate me the more I don't give a fuck about what they
think. I realized a long time ago that it doesn't matter
what anyone in high school thinks about you, because most
likely, you'll never see those people again. So don't let
the asshole nation take you under.
OK! About the X-T-C!! woo. Now, that my a trippy
subject. I guess that I can't deny the fact that I have done
ecstacy..ONCE. lol..So fucking what. That doesn't make me an
addict..that doesn't make me want to go out and be like,
"Hey I'm a fucking E-Tard so I'll suck your dick for a
roll." OH YEAH! That sounds like alot of damn fun. haha, not
to offend ravers. I don't care if people want to be e-tards
that is their own mind they are waisting. I just don't
understand. I can't be a hipocrit..I'm not a hipocrit. I
just love my mind so much I can't see destroying it like
that. Although, when you are on ecstacy it's the best
feeling you'll ever have in your life. I feel like I've been
bitching for about an hour, but I don't care. I have alot of
anger from the stupid school. The stupid authority there
that is going to eventually make us wear name tags with our
Student ID's on it. Like we are prisoners...fucking
prisoners..and I can't even wait until I graduate..and
experience the world.. :) I think I'll go now..