emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-01-09 00:29:44 (UTC)

million years later...

music: if i could- mineral
mood: excited/sleepy

seriously...i was gonna write sooner....sorry..i mean it...

but ive been up to this and that and yadda blah umm ok...

and im doing a LOT better now thats its been hmm a day or
2? haha ok joking but yea im not even worried about dumb
guys who mean nothing to me... :] and thats that.

i think belo might be upset at me cuz of the joey

errr guys are so freakin GAY at my school. there are no hot
guys or boys who are nice just for being nice...they always
want something outta it...grr

and i miss jon. i was so mad at him for a few days there
but i dunno.. ??

but let me tell ya about adam. [no not the gay little guy]
but adam poison..hahah...strange i know.
but he is so funny and rad and the craziest thing is that
hes in 'pick your poison' and ive seen his band play before but its
just now that its occured to me..hmm..but hes older so...ill be sure
to let ya know what happens there..

the past few weeks have been nothin but fun..my friends are
crazy people..im not sure if ive written about new years
but let me tell you...it was the funnest time ever, im so
serious. the guys i knew there i had met last summer and we
had this funny joke about emo people and so ever since that
day theyve called me 'emo' as a name...well when i walked
into the party and saw them, they were like.."EMO!!" it was
great. and weird. haha. and i saw a bunch hot guys [its
maury..i mean..cmon now..] but i got into like a 3 minute fight with
sullys brother vince and i was pissed because i just wanted one last
beer to take with me but he said no....grr. i also saw neal. hot hot
boy. hmm. and also, charlotte is a real big jerk and im not talkin to
her right now...and well i love goin to bay colony with nicole
haha...she has the need
for speed...hahah...

i so wanna go to a show this weekend. mmm..yea.

but im gonna go now. ill write as soon as i can. later.