i guess this is what u want to read..
2002-01-08 23:55:30 (UTC)

manic tuesday

well today felt like a monday bc we had off yesterday bc of
the snow...:)..when i woke up i could not move my neck and
back what so ever...i was soooooooo sore from yesterdays
snowboarding, so that sucked..lol..when i got to school..it
was boring...hahah but when isnt it?..well some times its
fun BUT ANYWAY..i didnt get ne homework...so i was
happy..then after school i came home..and my daddy was
here..hes been home before i get home now for the past
month bc of his new job and that bites..lol..bc now i cant
do anything bad!..hahaha..then we ordered some food from
pizza place and i had to walk up and get it..well i almost
fell (with all our food) on the ice..it was kinda
funny..then i got home and i ate my yummy pizza and bread
sticks....(very yummy)...and after eating i went on the
internet to chat to my buddies...my one friend (who happens
to be very hot!) was on and i haven't talked to him for
awhile so that was exciting..(matt if you reading this
hello my hot friend who i use to kiss..lol!)..well ne ways
after the internet i had to clean..which was boring as
ever..i with i could like get a cleaning person or
somthing..haha! well right now its 6:52pm and i still have
ilke 5 hours b4 i go to bed so i MIGHT write more if
anything VERY exciting happens..but i dont think anything
will bc i am boring....ssooooooooooooo bye

crush news: none yet...hoping to find one soon..lol

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