2002-01-08 23:52:42 (UTC)

Who to Like!

hi! sorry i hvaent written! its been a while. but... i dnt
know who to like bcause hank and i broke up (he already has
Another girlfriend and it had been like 5 days! how rude)
well anthony likes me alot alot again and hes beencl;ling
me like everynight. but i kind of like cameron and iduno
who else. im so confused on who i should like. annabelle
wants to hook me up with a highschooler haha but i
dunno.... and meredith wants e to get with this guy named
logan! he lives in odessa though so im not sure.

---the holidays were good and i went to beaver creek
without lauren! i was soo sad and i didnt know what to do.
it wasnt near as much funas last year but it as relaxing
and good... and i did good on my finals 94 in latin take
that mrs t!!!! (she said i failed) im gunna go ill ttyl!