A Knock Down Drag Out
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2002-01-08 23:40:18 (UTC)

Back to School!

Hey! It's Rae here, and It's Tuesday night about 6:30 pm. I
should say evening but I dont like that word! But anyway...
Today at practice my legs messed up and I couldnt breathe
and my head was spinning and I felt like getting sick all at
once! They told me to suck it up. I was like what? But I did
b/c I LOVE BASKETBALL. Well my brother has a basketball
game tonight so I'm here w/ others and I've got nothing to
do. I mean NOTHING. Well today we went back to school. I
like Ryne shes cool. She's from Central. I wish we had more
then like 1 hott guy @ Tyro. I want my life to go somewhere,
so maybe I should move away to a different school with a
better academic program! Nah But in Feburary I'm going to
audition for a part in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
at the Lexington Youth Theater. I wish I could get a good
part in it, but I've never been in a play before so I don't
know if I could. Acting is my dream, but I'll never make it
in the big timers! :( oh well I suppose thats all for
tonight, maybe I'll be back later. If not later than
tomorrow before game day. :) :) yeah we are sooooooo going
to WIN!!!!! YEAH DRAGONS ALL THE WAY!!!! oh well I'm out!
Sincerely, Always,

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