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2002-01-08 23:38:11 (UTC)

Sugar and Spice

Sugar and Spice sleep in strange places. Sugar varies his
sleep place--sometimes he's on the carpet in front of the
kitchen sink, sometimes in the middle of the hallway,
sometimes on a bookshelf, sometimes on the coffee table.
Spice has a few favorites--a chair in the living room and
under Gavin's bed are the places I'm most likely to find

If Sugar sleeps in a bed he prefers Hugh's. Spice doesn't
mind sleeping next to me if John's not there but when he
comes to bed she immediately goes to him. Fickle kitten!

Today's the first day in quite a while when I've been home
alone. Jack and Owen are back at university; Gavin and Hugh
are at the high school and John is working. It seems
strange but then I do have some company. I just tripped
over Sugar who decided that sleeping in the middle of the
doorway was a good idea. Ouch!

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