I'm a girl, not a band!!!
2002-01-08 23:21:11 (UTC)


Brr....It's cold here!

I went and applied to Target today. I tried at Home Depot
(how funny is that?) but there was a line of people waiting
to apply, so I'll go back tomorrow.

In other news, I start school tomorrow. I'm really excited.
Things are definately on track. I just need an income...and
things will definately be rolling along. I mean, there are
still weights on my shoulders but I'm trying.

I found my winter clothes today. In a box in the garage. I
had packed it all up when I moved out of Tallahassee.
Another thing, which has nothing to do moving, winter
clothes, or Tallahassee, is that I'm on the computer WAY
too much. I need a life. A cyber life is just not healthy.
*sigh* Oh well.