Opaque Darkness

Outside My Box
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2002-01-08 22:55:02 (UTC)


I have always had some very interesting friends in my
life. Chris, Puck, and Mouse were the best friends I could
have had when I was growing up. If one of us got in any
trouble more than likely the others were there with us. We
ruled our school each year, some people feared us, others
were indifferent, but everyone respected us. We knew
everyone in our school and had very few enemies. The four
of us were always getting high or drunk together,
especially on the weekends.

We all had our nicknames that everyone called us by.
Chris's real name was Thomas. I don't really remember how
he got the nickname Chris, but that's all anyone called
him. Puck's real name was Jonathan. He got the name Puck
because he always had a hockey puck with him because we
would play anytime we could get the chance. Mouse's name
was Matthew. We called him Mouse because he was the
smallest of us all, but that guy could fight if he had to.
There was this time in 8th grade when the football
quarterback kept picking on him, the guy was new in school
so he didn't know about us yet. One day, I guess, Mouse
just got real tired of it and went psycho on the guy and
ended up getting in a fight with him. The fight only lasted
a few minutes, but he respected Mouse and all of us after

My nickname changed a few times. I had Yoda, cause I
was the most passive of us all, and always gave out bits of
wisdom when it was needed. The last one I got was Batman. I
got it when I was 14 or so, I don't remember exactly when.
I got it one night when we were at this party in the
boonies. There was about 6 of us out sitting on the roof of
one of our friend's 2-story house when his parents had gone
out of town. We were drinking and getting high as we
usually did, and we had just gotten finished watching the
first Batman movie with Michael Keaton. I was getting kinda
tired and thirsty from sitting out there, so I got up and
started to go in the window, when I looked across the roof,
and for some strange reason I started to think I was
Batman. All I can remember is that I yelled "I am Batman!",
and jumped off the roof. I, of course, couldn't fly like he
did, and landed flat-chested on the ground. I ended up
breaking one arm, four ribs, my collarbone, and my
clavicle. I was in the hospital for three weeks.

I don't really know why I am writing about this, but I
had a really strange urge to tell people that story. Well
that's enough for now.

Goodbye, peace, props, and all that jazz
Opaque Darkness