DeLuSiOnaL MoMeNtZ
2002-01-08 22:54:43 (UTC)


i shoulda nevah played wif matches then my heart wouldnt be
beaten so fast rite now...i think i have fallen and someone
bettah catch me..

seemz wat u sey is tru i feel da same way too i waited all
nite long jus to dance wif u n when u touched my hand i
knew u were da man to turn my world around n make my dreams
come tru da magic in ur eyes made me realize dat everyfin i
feel has got to be real n we danced n fell in love on a
slow jam now i've been tryen to find sumone too i prayed to
god n den i found u i swear i fell in love da nite u danced
in to my heart

Dancen into sumone heart meanz ur given dem butterflyz in
their stomach n they jus dying to get wif chu..but u den
they dunt kno wat to do becuz dey been used lied to
decieved n dey dunt want no more pain

I cant be depressed no more cuz i'm so happy

everything dat comes to my mind is yew babi i jus dunt
understand how i could be so full of life becuz of
yew..maybi ur an angel sent from heaven to bring me the joy
n happyness dat i have wished foroh so long agoz... if dis
is tru then i thank u for taken all my fears away n teachen
me how to stand up n be brave now all i owe to you is my
love forever but dunt you understand my love you got my
heart already n it be urs for enternity so just pay me back
with the love thats inside of you so i can feel alive every
day and night just thinken bout you