Life as I know it... A BIG FAT MESS!
2002-01-08 22:54:15 (UTC)

1st Entry!

Hi, this is my first entry (obviously). My name is Caitlin
but sometimes I go by Cait, Caity, Caity Cat, or Kit Kat.
Ummm...right now I am at school in our computer lab, but it's
after school so...ya... that doesn't really matter.
If you want to know what I am like here is my (and my
friends') description of myself: Funny, insane, I'm pretty
smart I guess, uhhh... game freak, I love to read a lot, I
love music, I'm like OBSESSED with anime movies, comics, and
so on, and I m really good at using the computer. Kind of a
nerd I guess but that's for you to decide. I can be really
cool at times, but those are rare moments. Games, books,
anime, and music are pretty much my whole life.
My family... well...we're kinda odd. I have a cop for a
mom (who's also on the local school board), a goofy land
surveyor for a dad, and two brothers.One is game obsessed
like me (he has like 7 game consoles!) and another thats a
total jackass to me and, I swear to god, him and the internet
are having an affair. Our whole family is kinda a game,
music, and reading family. We even listen to music while
taking showers, which is quite normal for us.
Well... I guess that's all for now... OH I LOVE TO CHAT.
Hehe, gotsta go. Peace.

P.S. Hi Amanda! Hi Stefani! Hi Sierra!


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